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New John Deere FarmSight solutions

MyJobsManager – MyJobsManager is the basis for a suite of mobile apps (iOS & Android) designed to simplify and automate the entire job and data management of the digital and mobile office.

MyJobsManager provides a real-time overview of operators and their machines (regardless of make & model), enabling the whole of the farm or contractor business to be optimised. Pre-defining job details from the office saves operators up to 50 per cent set-up time in the field, reduces errors and increases uptime, thus generating cost savings.

MyLogistics – MyLogistics is a mobile app solution (iOS & Android) designed to optimise the operational logistics of interacting machines (regardless of make & model), eg during forage harvesting, manure spreading etc. MyLogistics enables dedicated harvest planning, intelligent machine routing, efficient navigation and prompt arrival. The system gives the user a real-time overview of the work in progress and is fully integrated with MyJobsManager in the Operations Centre.

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