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James Allan

Testimonial from HRN customer James Allan

James Allan (DJ & JM Allan)

Durran Mains Farm, Castletown, Caithness

 Type of farm?

Beef, sheep and arable – running 150 cows plus followers and 200 sheep.

What is your recent purchase from HRN?

A Kverneland Siloking 16m3, which we got in November, 2016.

How does it compare with what you had previously?

We had a KV 14 Taarup, and the new one is a step up – taking just 7 minutes to mix the load of straw, barley and silage. It chops the straw for me, which is a major time saver. It used to take me 2-3 hours to feed all the cattle, and now it takes just 45 minutes.

Why did you decide to buy from HRN?

They had the particular machine I was looking for, plus I’ve bought all my tractors from them (four John Deeres), and was pleased with the service.

How long have you been a customer of HRN?

Since they moved up to Caithness, so around four years.

How would you rate the service they provide?

They are trustworthy and they get the job done quickly – if you need them, they are there. I know the mechanics well and feel I can trust them, and our salesman Andrew Gunn is a star, he’s a local lad and I’ve known him for 30 years – he’s a good loon!

What do you think of the new depot in Caithness?

I think it will make a major difference up here and it shows HRN’s commitment to the area. It looks great too – and with the new shop, they can now provide business and service in this area.

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