HRN Tractors

John Deere AG Management Systems

John Deere AG Management Systems

Claas Lexion 760
• Greenstar 2630 SF3000
• With RTK correction signal

• Auto steer is engaged with the integrated Claas switch 
• Yield maps recorded and can be transferred to MyJohnDeere Operations Centre

Massey 7720
• Gen4 4640 SF6000
• SF3 correction signal
• Auto steer engaged with integrated Massey switch
• ISOBUS compatible
• Capable of section control
• Crop recording/documentation transferable to MyJohnDeere Operation Centre

Multidrive Sprayer
• Fitted with GS 2630
• StarFire 3000 with RTK signal
• JDLink telematics with location tracking
• Wireless Data transfer and remote display access
• Spray records and maps automatically send to MyJohnDeere Operations Centre

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